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Signature Guitars

Signature is the one of the pioneers and leading manufacturer of musical instruments especially guitars in India. Signature instruments are made out of the best quality materials and crafted to perfection by specialist engineers to give you the best product in India. With the experience of over 30 years in making guitars of a wide variety other musical instruments like mandolin, banjo etc, Signature has become a pioneer and an unbeatable brand in India.

The quality and experience which is continuing for generations was started by Mr. Mukunda Biswas which is continued by his son Mr. Subhasish Biswas known as "Gogo" Model Topaz is a revolutionary design done by Gogo which was largely appreciated and soon became one of the favourites amongst the musicians of Kolkata. All Signature guitars and instruments are fully hand made and polished to perfection and quality, which is amazingly suitable for Indian climate and gives a long lasting service to a musician.

Signature guitars are specially crafted to be the best suited for the Indian climate. It gives a very balanced and exquisite tone all the year round and gets seasoned adequately and in much nominal time. Signature also a brand which comes with the most affordable and reasonable price tag and the most cost effective instruments. Signature has been the most preferred brand of Indian made guitars for many years as it has a legendary reputaion for quality.

Signature has a wide range of guitars to serve for your every need. We have wooden Spanish guitars with a wide range of colors and looks including natural color (without any paint and just glossy polish. We aslo have a new range of graphics designed models called Blade with the most reasonable price tag. We aslo make exquisite classical guitars (nylon strings), fibre body guitars (oval shaped) as well as solid top guitars (with a remarkable tonal quality.)